• Joe Street - Street Toyota

    I'm pleased to write a recommendation. In the summer of 2001 we contracted PSB to add five new service bays to our service department. We are very please with the results and with the length of time it took to do the project. We would definitely recommend them and will be considering them again for any future projects.

  • John Reid - Stanfield Printing Co.

    The price was the lowest I received, probably because PSB listened to what I wanted more than other companies. When something wasn't what I expected (and I'm picky), all I did was mention it and it was fixed to my expectation. When we need another building our first call will be PSB. When we overpaid for the project, the gladly wrote us a check of reimbursement.

  • Darryl Baldwin - Panhandle Tire

    I'm happy to recommend Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc. I employed Panhandle Steel Buildings, Inc. to build a new building for my company. I found them to be courteous, prompt, and knowledgeable. The work was done professionally, promptley and at a reasonable price. I wouldn't hesitate to use PSB again.

  • Franklin McCasland - Mountain Road Truck Wash

    They erected our 75' X 100' building in 2001 and we are very pleased with the professional job that PSB has done on our building. I would definately recommend PSB to anyone wanting a great looking building. They care about the job that they are doing for you! The follow and service after the job was complete was excellent.


5 Signs That Your Commercial Space Needs To Be Remodeled


Remodeling a commercial space can be a daunting task - but one that can reap huge rewards after the final tile is laid and the walls are freshly painted. It not only improves the look and feel of your business but it can also bring in more customers, improve employee satisfaction and productivity, and it can even save you money. But how do you know when it is the right time to remodel? Here are some big signs:

You have outgrown the space.

Congratulations! Your business is booming. You might have a restaurant that is so busy that patrons must wait to be seated or you might have an office space in which employees are bumping into each other. This is actually a good problem to have but you might wonder, “Am I really ready to expand?” To answer that question think about this: Do you have enough private office spaces for managers? Are you constantly having to rearrange the space when you hire new people? Are you able to stock the amount of retail products that you need to remain the most profitable? Have you received complaints about employees or customers being uncomfortable and crowded?

The office/retail/working space does not reflect your brand.

It is costly to update and remodel the interior of your space but it is so important, especially if it is a place that clients, customers, or other third party vendors will visit. In addition, the best employees that you can hire will want to work in an updated, modern place - not a dingy, dark, outdated building. The interior design of your business must reflect your brand. If your business is chic and modern, your office should be as well. Another example: if you own a coffee shop that aims to be a home away from home for college students and professionals, the interior design needs to reflect that so it can draw people in. Customer and employees care about their environment and your business will be more successful if you cater to that (while also staying true to your brand identity).

The space should also reflect your company’s culture. If your employees often like to collaborate on projects, the office should allow for that. If you often use the conference room or break room for getting together, it should be big enough.

Things are starting to fall apart.

This is an obvious one. If paint is coming off the walls, if the roof is leaking, if the plumbing does not work properly, etc., then it’s definitely time for a renovation. Not only will problems like these make employees unhappy, but they will also decrease their productivity as they find ways to work around the problems. You may worry about the costs of remodeling but what you should really be worrying about is the cost of NOT remodeling. Trust us - you will pay more the longer you wait in the form of decreased productivity, decreased customer trust, less satisfied employees, and by paying for little fixes over and over again.

The space makes you feel like you entered a time machine.

If the overall decor, paint colors, and design features look like they’re from a couple of decades ago, you need to remodel. And outdated design will turn off potential customers and employees. This year, it’s all about fresh, light neutrals that open up a space and make it appear larger than it actually is.  

The space creates inefficiencies among employees.

Sometimes there are points in your employees’ workflow in which they come to a screeching halt simply because of the space they are in. Maybe it’s because they are always running into people, maybe they keep losing papers because of the sloppy and messy office space, maybe they can’t find the supplies they need. Renovating and updating is the time to think about these things. It’s the time to talk to your employees and find out their pain points so they can be addressed and remedied in the remodel. We promise you will save time and money while eliminating employee and client frustration.  

If any of these points applied to you, contact us here for a free quote on your commercial remodeling project.